Posted September 27, 2016

ATI Tools frangible collar removal sockets

Six new Frangible Collar Removal Sockets from ATI Tools prove that high safety and damage prevention standards doesn’t have to get in the way of productivity.

ATI Tools frangible socketsTheir cutting-edge helical design provides aviation and industrial technicians with both versatility and security.

The patent-pending design allows each removal socket to accommodate multiple fastener sizes, immediately engaging most collars in most materials—including stainless steel and aluminum—with minimal downward force and without coming in contact with the aircraft skin. Their compact size allows for easy access to hard-to-reach areas while still providing easy removal of extracted collars.

Other features of the sockets (Product code ATI3585) include:

  • 1/4” ratchet drive, for use with hand or air ratchets
  • Set screw holds socket in place on ratchet
  • Available as a 6-socket set or individually:
  • ATI3858-5B — Removes most -5 size collars
  • ATI3858-6A — Removes most -6 size collars
  • ATI3858-6B — Removes most -6 size aluminum collars
  • ATI3858-8A — Removes most -8 size collars
  • ATI3858-8B — Removes most -8 size stainless steel collars
  • ATI3858-8C — Removes most -8 size aluminum collars
  • ATI3858-6PC —Six removal sockets and a socket rail

Additionally, HI-LOK ratchet extensions are available for use with the Frangible Collar Removal Sockets in the following sizes:

  • TI3594-2X – 1/4” drive, 2” length
  • ATI3594-4X – 1/4” drive, 4” length
  • ATI3597-3X – 3/8” drive, 3” length