Posted June 1, 2022

Mayhew 3 Piece Demo Driver Set

Mayhew Steel Products announced the addition of a new 3 Piece Demo Driver Set to its extensive line of premium, made in the U.S.A. hand tools.

Mayhew 3 Piece Demo DriverThe demo drivers feature a unique hybrid design of a screwdriver and pry bar in one, making them ideal for various lifting and prying applications, including automotive purposes such as removing brake calipers, drum brakes, and wheel caps. The set includes three lengths: 8-inch, 10-inch, and 11-inch.

Each of the Demo Drivers is comprised of Mayhew’s patented two-composite, ergonomic Dominator handle, providing superior comfort and a secure grip. The handle’s capped end allows for striking without causing damage to the handle, while simultaneously serving as a shock absorber to reduce user hand fatigue. A hardened and tempered alloy steel shaft runs from the prying edge straight through the handle for maximum durability and prying power, while also providing the added usefulness of a screwdriver. All Demo Drivers are made in the U.S.A. and are backed by a lifetime warranty.

Sets are offered in tray packaging with a sturdy hang tag, delivering efficiency for maximized shelf space. Individual demo drivers are sold in bulk.