Posted November 20, 2019

RIDGID introduces StrutSlayr Strut Shear Head

The new RIDGID StrutSlayr Strut Shear Head creates clean, square strut cuts free from chips and burrs with a single pull of the trigger — and in five seconds or less.

RIDGID StrutSlayrPlus, it easily attaches to equipment many pros already have in their arsenal: the RIDGID RP 340 Press Tool.

The only mobile dedicated strut tool on the market, StrutSlayr is field-ready and designed for efficient operation. It’s also easy to use with its built-in measuring guide and 13/16-inch, 1-5/8-inch or combo quickchange dies. It’s also TRISTAND® mountable. With StrutSlayr, contractors get enhanced cut quality and safety — critical benefits on today’s jobsites.

“In the past, when contractors were working with strut in the field, they have either had to make cuts with tools not designed for strut or make additional trips to the fab shop for more cut strut. Either way, pros had to choose between quality cuts or getting the job done quickly,” said Mitch Barton, director of marketing for Global Press Connections at RIDGID. “With RIDGID StrutSlayr, contractors get both quality and efficiency. They don’t have to sacrifice a thing.”

The StrutSlayr comes with the RIDGID Full Lifetime Warranty.