Posted February 5, 2019

Snap-on grinders and cutoff tools

Snap-on Industrial has launched a new lineup of grinder and cutoff tools that are lightweight and designed for low vibration.

Snap-on grinders and cutoff toolsThe four new grinders and two new cutoff tools feature pneumatic motors that keep internal components cool; adjustable rear exhaust that allows the operator to direct air flow away from the work area; and a built-in air regulator to dial in the exact speed for each specific application.

Additional features and benefits of the grinders and cutoff tools are:

• Ergonomic comfort grip handle isolates vibration
• Variable speed safety-style padded trigger helps prevent accidental start up
• Low vibration and sound levels reduce fatigue and vibration
• Small size provides maneuverability to reach restricted areas
• Available in red, green, orange or hi-vis yellow

The six new Heavy-Duty 1-horsepower pneumatic grinders and cutoff tools are:

• Die Grinder (part numbers PTGR400, PTGR400G, PTGR400O & PTGR400HV)
• Long Neck Die Grinder (part numbers PTGR405, PTGR405G, PTGR405O & PTGR450HV)
• Right Angle Die Grinder (part numbers PTGR410, PTGR410G, PTGR410O & PTGR410HV)
• 4-1/2” Angle Grinder (part numbers PTGR450, PTGR450G, PTGR450O & PTGR450HV)
• 3” Cutoff Tool (part numbers PTC430, PTC430G, PTC430O & PTC430HV)
• 4” Angle Cutoff Tool (part numbers PTC490, PTC490G, PTC490O & PTC490HV)