Hyde POP display for 14-in-1 Multi-Tool

Hyde Tools now offers a new point-of-purchase display for the Hyde 14-in-1 Multi-tool, a new solution to cluttered tool boxes, workbenches and junk drawers.

Hyde 14-in-1 Multi-toolThe 10-5/16" x 9-3/16" cut-case style merchandiser is designed to maximize retail space, offering versatile placement options near registers, on help counters or in aisles. The display shows a full-size diagram of the tool's many functions, including the storage and use of four screwdriver bits in the handle. It also clearly lists the tool's common uses: scrape paint, spread compound, clean rollers, remove putty, open cracks, set nails, scrape contours, scrape convex surfaces, open cans and pull nails.