Posted May 7, 2018

Estwing Sledge Hammers & Specialty Hammers

Estwing Manufacturing Co. introduced a full line of sledge hammers and specialty hammers.

Estwing fiberlass handled sledge hammerEstwing is partnering with GROZ Engineering Tools Pvt. Ltd., a manufacturer of premium tools and equipment, as a global licensing partner. GROZ Tools will develop, manufacture and market a comprehensive licensing program under the Estwing brand, targeting do-it-yourself and professional enthusiasts. The offering will be a complete program that includes sledge hammers, specialty hammers, pry bars, alignment bars and splitting mauls. Handle types for the hammers and mauls include Indestructible, fiberglass and hickory.

All of the licensed hard face sledge hammers will include safety ratings for ANSI, SANS 387:2014 and BS876 for material hardness and performance. Alignment bars, pry bars and splitting mauls will be launched later this year.

“For many years, Estwing has been recognized as the hammer of choice for the professional contractor and is most well-known for its legendary quality and durability,” said Alex Unis, vice president business development, GROZ. “Combining our innovative handle technology with a powerful Global brand will set this range apart from the competition. We are thrilled about our partnership and looking forward to a very successful endeavor.”