Posted April 7, 2021

Crescent Bolt Biter Impact Bolt Extractors

Standard nut drivers just aren’t designed to reliably remove rusted, rounded and worn-down fasteners.

Crescent Bolt BiterBut professionals in the trades don’t do well with excuses, so Crescent Tools is setting a new standard with the Crescent Bolt Biter Impact Bolt Extractors.

The new Crescent Bolt Biter Impact Nut Extractor and Driver has an innovative design that grips any nut or bolt no matter how damaged. The revolutionary bi-directional gripping design quickly and easily removes and tightens, eliminating the frustration when working with rusted or ruined hex head fasteners.

“Removing worn fasteners with standard nut drivers is like trying to pull a round peg through a square hole,” says Mary Hughey, product manager with Crescent. “The Crescent Bolt Biter accessories are different from anything else because every rounded, worn fastener is different. We listened to pros complain that there was no solution on the market, so we created one. This means no more fighting to remove a worn fastener or sawing the fasteners off and ultimately costing time.”

Crescent Bolt Biter tools include these amazing benefits for our construction trades:

  • Removes & Tightens Damaged Fasteners – Bi-directional design enables easy removal and reuse of rusted and rounded fasteners
  • 5X Gripping Force – Tapered flute grabs onto damaged fasteners with ease
  • 50X Life – Provides 50x life in high torque impact applications
  • ¼” Hex Shank – Compatible with impact drivers and drills

Crescent Bolt Biter products are available nationwide at Lowe’s Home Improvement stores and other retailers the pros go to most.