KNIPEX CoBolt Mini Bolt Cutters

The new and improved KNIPEX CoBolt Mini Bolt Cutters are the heavy-duty tool for cutting nearly everything that fits between its jaws, up to 1/4 inch.

KNIPEX CoBoltThe new design incorporates etched blades that require less force to make challenging cuts.

Constructed with newly patented micro-structured cutting edges, the CoBolt Mini Bolt Cutters are uniquely designed to stop thicker, round objects from slipping out during a cut. The CoBolt Mini Bolt Cutters can easily grip both round and flat objects in one tool.

“Our improved CoBolt Mini Bolt Cutters provide greater ease for cutting with a very small, easy-to-use tool that can fit in your pocket,” said Alan W. Sipe, president and general manager, KNIPEX Tools. “In testing, we found that less cutting force is required since the object remains closer to the pivot point.”

KNIPEX CoBolt Mini Bolt Cutters offer:

  • New gripping zone behind the joint for reliable gripping of wires and pulling nails
  • Higher performance with more cutting comfort
  • Ergonomic handles create less stress and strain on a user’s hand and palm