Posted February 7, 2018

Hyde Better Finish Nail Hole Filler

Hyde Tools has introduced a new drywall repair product designed to improve the experience of repairing walls and to promote a better finish once a wall has been repainted.

Hyde Better Finish Nail Hole FillerThe product contains three ounces of drywall joint compound in an innovative package that includes a built-in putty knife for making the repair.

Unlike most wall patching products, Hyde’s Better Finish Nail Hole Filler is composed of the same material used to finish the wall originally – joint compound, as opposed to spackle. As the most compatible substance available for working with drywall, joint compound creates a more invisible repair than other patching materials, which tend to become obvious after painting.

“Joint compound is both easier to spread and sand, and it also promotes a better finish than spackle,” said Corey Talbot, vice president of marketing and product development for Hyde Tools.

Better Finish Nail Hole Filler has a number of other advantages over spackle or other patching products. First, it comes in a patented container that keeps the compound fresh for a full three years – even after it’s been opened! That feature eliminates the No. 1 consumer complaint about wall patching materials, Talbot explains. “If you read product reviews online, you’ll see continual complaints about patching material drying out before ever being used – or drying so quickly after opening that it’s barely usable.” By contrast, Hyde’s compound is optimized for easier spreading, and its innovative packaging keeps the filler fresh both on the shelf and during use. The design also allows you to reseal the package and keep the product fresh for later use.

To use Hyde’s nail hole filler, you simply pull off a zip strip, rotate the applicator to release the compound, remove the hang tag and squeeze compound onto the wall to fill holes and indentations. The built-in 2-inch putty knife serves as a smoothing tool, eliminating the need for additional tools.