Posted October 31, 2017

Gearwrench introduces line of professional markers

Gearwrench unveiled a new line of professional markers available in three different types to provide multiple marking solutions to demanding automotive and industrial users.

Gearwrench professional markets“These new professional markers are task focused to write on a variety of work surfaces commonly found in automotive repair and industrial facilities,” said James Stewart, senior product manager for Gearwrench. “Their heavy-duty tips are made to last, even when used regularly on challenging surfaces like steel, concrete, PVC, and wood.”

New Gearwrench Fine Point Industrial Markers have an industrial grade tip made for use on steel, concrete, PVC, wood, and more. They work on dusty, wet, or oily surfaces. Permanent, alcohol based, AP Certified non toxic black ink dries in five seconds or less. The cap removes easily, even with gloves, and stores on the opposite end during use. The markers have a 72 hour cap off life. The operating temperature range is 20° to 140°F. These heavy-duty markers meet ASTM Standard D-4236.

Gearwrench Metallic Ink Markers come in gold and silver for high visibility on dark surfaces. They have a damage resistant tip and, like the new Fine Point Industrial Markers, are made for use on a wide range of work surfaces, including steel, concrete, PVC, and wood. They work on dusty, wet, or oily surfaces and the metallic ink dries in ten seconds or less. Also, like the Fine Point Industrial Markers, the cap stores when in use, the cap off life is 72 hours, the operating temperature range is 20° to 140°F, and they meet ASTM Standard D-4236.

New Gearwrench Liquid Paint Markers offer high visibility on dark surfaces and can be rubbed into recessed markings. With their water and UV resistant white paint, these markers work on many surfaces, including those that are dusty, wet, or oily. As with the other new professional markers, the cap pulls off and stores easily during use. Operating temperature range is 50 F to 300 F. The Liquid Paint Markers meet standards EN 71-3 and ASTM F963-11.