CAST MASTER XL band saw blade

LENOX announced the release of the CAST MASTER XL band saw blade in answer to the rigorous needs of the growing aluminum market.

CAST MASTER XLCAST MASTER XL is designed to provide increased blade life and superior part finish in high-speed aluminum cutting applications. With precision grinding techniques, innovative tooth geometries and next generation welding technology, CAST MASTER XL provides a quality solution for improved cutting performance on aluminum and non-ferrous materials.

"With the aluminum industry growing rapidly, there was a demand to produce a carbide tipped band saw blade that could make straight cuts at high band speeds while producing a high quality surface finish," said Daniel Fernandes, brand manager at LENOX. "A specialized grade of carbide, next generation welding technology, and precision grinding techniques allow CAST MASTER XL to cut faster and smoother while achieving increased blade life."

A primary concern when cutting aluminum is material build up (BUE) on the blade's tooth edge leading to premature blade failure. However, CAST MASTER XL utilizes precision grinding techniques to manufacture a higher quality surface finish on the carbide tooth edge preventing BUE. This process combined with a specialized grade of carbide that has high-wear resistance properties allows for longer blade life in aluminum and non-ferrous materials.

CAST MASTER XL's aggressive rake angle increases the shear plane angle, reducing cutting forces and aiding in tooth penetration. The high-alloy backing steel and next generation welding technology prevent premature tooth loss, providing a stronger bond between the carbide tip and the backing steel, leading to longer blade life and faster cuts. CAST MASTER XL is available in a wide range of blade widths and tooth pitches to fit the majority of carbide-friendly band saws.