Posted May 8, 2019

Pramet ISBN10 cutters

The versatile Pramet ISBN10 cutters are suitable for high feed milling, copy milling, ramping, helical interpolation, slotting and plunging.

Pramet ISBN10The unique pocket design in combination with the ANHX10 insert also perform shoulder and face milling, offering a complete package for mold and die applications, from roughing to finishing.

A range of diameters are available from 0.625 inch – 1.500 inch and multiple types, including Parallel and, Modular shanks and Shell mills.

To go with the ISBN10, the Pramet BNGX10 is a patented, double sided insert with four cutting edges to add to the overall economic and versatile offer.

The design makes it suitable for high feed roughing even with long overhangs, while being compatible with three geometries covering most machined materials. Geometry M is for steels and cast irons, MM for low carbon steels, stainless steels and super alloys, while HM is suitable for hardened materials.

A new range of Pramet ANHX10 inserts are now available for finishing operations in shoulder milling, suited for wall and bottom finishing. The single-sided insert has two cutting edges and a positive geometry for long overhangs, helping to decrease vibrations and reduce noise.

Both inserts offer a smoother cut, while a special through coolant design directs lubrication nearer to the cutting edge. This allows for high feed rates with axial depth of cut up to 1mm (.040”in). The HFC design has a low setting angle stretching the feed over a large cutting edge thus reducing the thickness of the chip allowing for higher feed rates.