Posted November 28, 2018

Walter DC150 Perform 5 × Dc drill

Walter introduced the DC150 Perform 5 × Dc drill, a versatile and cost-effective solid carbide drill that can be used universally with all materials and with a broad range of workpieces.

DC150 Perform 5 × Dc drillLike the others in the DC150 Perform Line, the new drill is ideal for use anywhere small and medium batch sizes need to be machined with high precision and process reliability coupled with the highest level of cost efficiency and wide applicability.

The new DC150 Perform 5 × Dc is designed to be used without internal coolant. Proven features of the existing DC150 Perform drill family, such as wear-resistance and good chip evacuation, have been included in this latest entry, along with geometry which includes a 140°point angle for high positioning accuracy.

The new DC150 Perform 5 × Dc solid carbide drill expands the existing range of DC150 Perform variants. Until now, the DC150 Perform Line included length to diameter ranges of 3, 5, 8, & 12 x Dc, all with internal coolant capability. The new 5 x Dc for external coolant complements the existing 3 x Dc offering for external coolant and allows the end user to select the product which best fits the application and cost basis of the operation.

The new variant continues Walter’s vision for the Perform Line, which is "to offer customers the same outstanding Walter products, but without having to pay for a level of performance that’s not necessarily needed."

The DC150 Perform Line drills are ideally suited for use anywhere small and medium batch sizes are to be machined.