Posted October 2, 2019

Simonds Saw announces new range of bi-metal bandsaw blades

Simonds Saw announced the launch of a new range of bi-metal bandsaw blade products for the global metal cutting market.

Epic GPSimonds says this newly configured range of bi-metal bandsaw blades raises the worldwide performance standard in all metal cutting market segments and is a notable overhaul to the company’s bi-metal cutting product offerings.

Multiple rounds of testing, prototyping, and optimization with professionals in the field led Simonds Saw to develop four new bi-metal bandsaw blades that are high-performing across various functions. This new, innovative product range was designed with the specialized depth to meet all metal cutting applications — including general purpose cutting, production cutting, cutting of structural steel, and cutting of tough exotic alloys.

“We fully expect our new product line of bi-metal bandsaw blades to have a global impact on the metal cutting industry,” said David Miles, Simonds Saw president. “We’re excited for loyal bandsaw users all over the world to put these new products to good use. Whether they’re cutting structural steel in Gary, Indiana, or cutting titanium in Shanghai, China, we now have the optimal bandsaw blade to maximize uptime and materials, in any application.”

Simonds Saw has ceased production of Dieband, Broadband, Blockbuster, IC Enduro, and X51 in favor of new innovations. These existing products will be phased out upon inventory depletion. 

Dieband, Broadband, and Blockbuster, Simonds’ current general purpose commodity and production bandsaw blades, will be phased out in favor of Epic GP. 

Broadband and IC Enduro, Simonds’ other existing general purpose commodity bandsaw blades, will be phased out in favor of SBX GP.

SIMONDS SAW X51, the existing Simonds product for production cutting of tough steel and high-nickel alloys, will be phased out in favor of SiClone XP. The new product will be available for purchase in November 2019.