Sandvik Coromant CoroBore 826

Sandvik Coromant introduced CoroBore 826, a groundbreaking high-precision (HP) coolant tool for trouble-free machining and close hole tolerances.

CoroBore 826Machine stops caused by chip tangling around the tool or spindle are a common problem in fine boring. With the high-precision nozzle, CoroBore 826 HP directs the high-precision coolant jet to the cutting edge in order to efficiently control and break the chip. Chips are then easily evacuated from the hole.

Combined with the user-friendly stepwise scale setting of the tool diameter provides the perfect tool for accurate fine boring.

CoroBore 826 HP is the ideal first choice fine boring tool for requirements in the range of 36–1260 mm (1.417–49.606 inch). It is optimized for process repeatability, hence ensuring excellent surface finish and close hole tolerances.

To make it easier for users to find the optimum CoroBore 826 HP fine boring solution for their particular requirement, Sandvik Coromant has introduced assembly kits for a wide range of hole diameters. The integrated Coromant Capto® solution is ideal for small diameter boring of 35.45-91.65 mm (1.396-3.608 inch), while the optimal choice for diameters in the range of 91.35-154.65 mm (3.596 -6.089 inch) is a modular solution with internal counterweight. For large diameter boring, 154–1260 mm (6.063–49.606 inch), a separate fine boring head can be combined with the flexible CoroBore XL system based on specific machining needs.