duMONT Minute Man Tooling System

The duMONT Company introduced the duMONT “Minute Man” Tooling System.

deMONT Minute ManIt includes single point inserts and holders designed for use on a wide variety of machines, CNC lathes and machining centers, as well as conventional lathes, shapers and slotting machines.

The duMONT “Minute Man” Tooling System components are available from stock or can be designed to the customer’s needs, offering flexibility, convenience and off the shelf delivery or very short turn around.

Utilize The duMONT “Minute Man” Tooling System for grooving, toothing, positioning or timing of internal keyways, cutting keyways in a tapered bore, and cornering operations. Complete broaching applications as an additional step while the part remains in place on the machine and within the same coordinate system as previous operations. The duMONT “Minute Man” Tooling System creates new opportunities for applications not possible with conventional broaching. Experience a new type of broaching.