Hyde IBS V-Tooth Serrated Straight Blades

V-Tooth Serrated Straight Blades from Hyde Industrial Blade Solutions (IBS) slice cleanly through plastics and plastic films to deliver crisp cuts time after time, production run after production run.

Hyde V-Tooth serrated bladeDesigned for a myriad of packaging manufacturing operations from vacuum-form packing to sealing, extra-sharp Hyde IBS V-Tooth Serrated Straight Blades reduce waste resulting from the tearing and crimping of material. Also known as guillotine blades, these

blades are designed specifically to cut through a wide range of soft to medium-firm products including the toughest vacuum-formed packaging for consumer and industrial applications.

Producers in the food, pet food, personal care products, pharmaceutical, lawn and
garden, office supply, paper and chemical industries can utilize Hyde IBS V-Tooth Serrated Straight Blades for a wide range of packaging applications including form, fill and seal vertical baggers, pouches, shrinkwrappers, overwrappers, automatic carton tapers and sealers and vacuum packaging.

Hyde IBS V-Tooth Serrated Straight Blades come in a variety of standard, variable
height and multi-tooth configurations and scalloped or wave-edged designs. These razor-sharp blades are engineered on 5-axis grinding machines and are available in a range of sizes from 2” to 48” in length. Depending upon the cutting application, these blades can be produced in variety of steel alloys including carbon, high-speed and stainless steels.