Allied Machine customization capabilities

Allied Machine & Engineering Corp. offers a range of customization capabilities, including special sizes, geometries, substrates, and coatings for tool bodies, blades and inserts.

Allied Machine & Engineering Insta-QuoteAlso available are customized threadmills, reamers, and boring tools. The online Insta-Quote system lets customers design, quote and order customized tooling in minutes. For more complicated tools, customers make use of Allied’s experienced staff of Application Engineers who will provide a quotation within 2 days, depending on the complexity of each request.

Allied’s Insta-Quote utility is ideal for customers who may need a tool body that is longer, deeper, or shorter to miss a fixture, or who need special forms or a special geometry for difficult to machine materials. The service is most widely used for Allied’s T-A® and GEN3SYS products.

Customers can either register for Insta-Quote online or work with a local authorized Allied distributor to get set up and gain access to the utility. The user-friendly menu guides customers through a simple process to design, draw, and obtain a quote. It also provides lead time information. The system then instantly prints the quote, providing a drawing in PDF format within minutes. After approving the design by signing the tool drawing, the order is quickly confirmed, processed, and delivered through the local Allied distributor. The order is given a unique item number for future reordering and can be revised and changed as needed.

Also available is the Engineered Specials capability, in which seasoned applications experts work with end users to develop a solution unique to that customer. Allied can produce customized versions of any standard product offering, from simple modifications to shank length to more complex modifications that produce tools combining multiple operations. Allied’s expertise with combination tools can drastically reduce cycle times and eliminate unnecessary steps in the manufacturing process. This can save significant amounts of money and dramatically lower the cost-per-hole.

Allied’s responsive and technically advanced environment means experts can make highly customized tools at a reasonable cost with very short lead times. Tool bodies can be turned around in 20-25 days, while many custom inserts ship within 10 days.