Posted October 31, 2017

Allied Machine VarioBore precision boring head and system

Allied Machine & Engineering introduced Wohlhaupter’s VarioBore Precision Boring Head & System, a versatile and cost-effective tool that features a universal digital readout module.

Wolhaupter VarioBore precision boring head and systemThe VarioBore Precision Boring Head & System improves productivity through ease and accuracy of adjustment and virtually eliminates scrap because of its exact adjustments. VarioBore is manufactured in Germany by Wohlhaupter, whose innovative, modular tool systems are now part of Allied’s solutions for holemaking and finishing challenges.

The VarioBore boring head can be used alone or with a docking port for use with the universal digital module, a revolutionary new concept that can dock on any VarioBore head. A single module can be used on a wide variety of tools fitted with docking ports. With a range of 0.016 inches to 5.985 inches (0.4 to 152 millimeters), the boring head offers an accuracy of .0001 inches (0.002mm) on diameter, and speeds of up to 30,000 revolutions per minute.

A single Universal Digital Readout Module can be used to set any number of tools that have docking ports. The system uses selected Wohlhaupter 019, MiniDigi, PrimeBore, and DigiBore tooling. With an easy to read and use display that provides easy micron accurate settings, the module features an accuracy of .0001 inches (0.002mm) on diameter with μ accurate ± setting. The battery allows up to 5,000 settings and is switched off after 30 seconds. The detachable module remembers the last setting, even when it is detached. The module is coolant-sealed up to IP 65.