Walter Prototyp Advance line of solid carbide milling tools

Walter has introduced its new Prototyp Advance line of solid carbide milling tools for universal application.

Walter Prototyp AdvanceThe new Advance milling cutter line consisting of six cutter types and 250 line items, each providing the ideal balance of hardness and toughness for the widest possible application, plus long tool life (increases of up to 50%) thanks to the Advance line’s new high-performance WJ30TF grade and Walter’s own TiAIN coating.

Walter’s Advance line tools are well suited to machining a wide array of materials (ISO material groups P, M, K and S) and can help reduce inventory costs as well.

The cost-effective Advance line features standard geometries of 30° and 45° helix angles and comes in two main tool configurations, the shoulder mill and the shoulder/slot mill. The universal shoulder mill category consists of the MC111 milling cutter with a 30° helix angle and four cutting edges; the MC112 30° with four cutting edges; and the MC122 45°with four to eight cutting edges.

The Advance shoulder/slot mill category consists of the MC213 30° with two to four cutting edges; the MC216 30° with two or three cutting edges; and the MC322 45° with four cutting edges.