Posted July 16, 2020

Suhner POLYDrill multi-spindle drills

Suhner features several options in its popular multi-spindle lines, including the POLYDrill family, offering a huge selection of multi-spindle heads from the standard range.

Suhner POLYDrillFixed and adjustable hole pitches and compact models allow the tool to be used in a variety of situations. In addition, Suhner can supply tool holders from all stock for all popular brands of machining centers.

Drilling capacity is available standard between 0.06-1” (1.5-25 mm). Minimum hole spacing is 0.27” (7 mm), while maximum hole spacing is virtually limitless. Optional tool holders include ER, ST, JT33, Weldon and customized styles. Additional options are axial and radial compensation and custom layout and spacing,

The POLYDrill range includes various multi-spindle heads such as: MH 20/5, MH 20/7, MH 20/10 and MH 20/13 plus multiple spindle heads with 2 adjustable spindles for the utmost in flexibility. The MH 20/5, 20/7, MH 20/10 have maximum speed of 4000 RPM. Maximum drilling capacities are 5 mm, 7 mm and 10 mm, respectively. MH 20/13 has a maximum drilling capacity of 13 mm and a maximum permissible speed of 3000 RPM.

The MHF has up to 10 spindles, a custom made pattern and a fixed spindle distance. Maximum drilling capacity is between 5-13 mm and the speed range is 2500-4000 RPM. MHFP is equipped with 8 spindles with preloaded angular contact bearings for use of carbide tools and fixed spindle distance. Maximum drilling capacity is between 7-20 and the speed range is 0-8000 RPM. The drive system VG 4-8 allows the user to power up to 8 machining units with a single motor with flex shaft power delivery. The speed range for this drive system is between 46-9320 RPM. Flexible drive shafts NA 7/10/12 have a speed range between 12,000-20,000 RPM.