Posted October 17, 2022

Allied Machine expands Wohlhaupter boring tool product line

Allied Machine and Engineering launched the 420 (410) series fine boring heads as well as the expansion of the 465 (464) series.

420 - (410) fine boring toolBoth the 420 (410) and 465 (464) digital boring heads are equipped with a 3ETECH docking port for easy digital diameter adjustments.

As the world’s smallest digital fine boring tool with a peripheral cutting edge, the unbalanced 420 (410) series has a diameter range of 0.787 inches – 1.142 inches (20.00 millimeters – 29.00 millimeters). The 465 (464) boring heads offer automatic self-balancing and bore diameters from 1.142 inches – 8.071 inches (29.00 millimeters – 205.00 millimeters). These boring heads have a special design to minimize the residual imbalance produced by insert holder displacement. As a result, the tools remain stable even with light interrupted cuts throughout the entire machining process and achieve the tightest tolerances and optimum surface quality. Additionally, the insert holder can be rotated for reverse machining jobs.

465 (464) fine boring toolThe tools are available in the non-digital version with vernier scale adjustment or in the digital version for adaptation with the 3ETECH digital display for μ-accurate adjustment. Wohlhaupter’s 3ETECH digital display module can now be used with all types of precision boring tools including fine boring with the 420 (410) and 465 (464) series, versatile boring with VarioBore, large diameter boring with the 538 (537) finish boring cassettes and custom boring tool solutions. The digital display module is docked to the tool, allowing maximum coolant pressure to be used and eliminating the risk of damaging the digital components during operation. Users now only need a single display module for all tools with integrated 3ETECH technology, which reduces tooling costs.

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