Posted October 10, 2018

DA110 Perform drill from Walter

The versatile DA110 Perform drill from Walter can be used universally and cost-effectively for a wide range of materials.

DA110 PerformIt delivers maximum accuracy thanks to its precision-ground surfaces and a tip geometry that has been engineered for optimum centering accuracy, while keeping production costs as a primary consideration.

This HSS drill has a 118°point angle for secure centering, dimensions according to DIN 338 (jobber length), is offered in grade WZ90AJ which includes an industry proven TiN coating on the point, and is suitable for use on ISO material groups P, M, K, N, S, and O. The drill is available in diameters of 1-16mm with increments every 0.1 mm.

The Perform lineup of products is one of three categories to Walter tools. ‘Perform’ tools are products that provide an economical solution with focused importance on price. Others in the Walter lineup include ‘Advance’ which indicates product efficiently balanced between price and performance and ‘Supreme’ indicating the highest level of technology and performance available.

The Walter Perform line, which includes tools for milling, threading, and hole making that are designed to be exceptional performers at a lower initial cost is the new standard for small and medium batch production.