Walter Capto adaptors for counterboring systems

Walter is offering its counterboring and precision boring tools with connections for Walter Capto adaptors.

Walter Capto adaptorThe versatile and time saving Capto interface is being increasingly used on lathes, machining centers and multi-tasking machines to allow these machines to perform multiple processes with only a single tooling interface. Now, by offering connections to its Walter Capto adaptors in addition to its NCT and ScrewFit connections, Walter is bringing the benefits of Capto technology to its line of counterboring and precision boring tools. The connections are available in five coupling sizes, allowing them to be used on both small and large machines.

Walter boring tools comprise twin-insert models with medium and maxi versions for holes of 0.787-25.17 in. (20-640 mm). This stable and compact boring system has an internal coolant supply and is suitable for symmetrically or radially displaced roughing operations.
Walter precision boring tools include solid carbide and single insert tools with mini, medium and maxi versions for holes of 0.787-25.17 in. (2-640 mm). Depending on the hole diameter, either boring-bar, cartridge or bridge constructions made of aluminum are used.