LENOX Gold Power Arc Curved Blades

LENOX introduced a curved reciprocating saw blade.

LENOX Goold Power Arc Curved BladeThe curved design, T2 Technology and precision applied titanium coating come together in the new LENOX Gold Power Arc Curved Blades to deliver up to two times the cutting life of standard LENOX straight blades. The LENOX Gold Power Arc Curved Blades are designed for wood and metal cutting, as well as demolition and extreme heavy metal cutting applications.

"LENOX Gold Power Arc Curved Blades are designed for the heavy recip user who understands the value of investing in a premium product that will deliver superior cutting performance," said Matt Savarino, Brand Manager for LENOX. "These blades last up to twice as long as standard straight LENOX recip blades, allowing trade professionals to be more productive on the job and to achieve more efficient results."

The Power Arc's curved design optimizes the cutting angle, allowing the blade to cut aggressively and more efficiently versus a straight blade. In a series of laboratory tests using typical reciprocating saw parameters, Power Arc blades outperformed competitive brands when cutting materials such as nail-embedded wood, black pipe, uni-strut and other common construction materials.

An aggressive blade design and proprietary technologies, such as T2 Technology and a titanium coating, enable LENOX Gold Power Arc Curved Blades to achieve extended life. T2 Technology and the precision applied titanium coating help to disperse heat – a common reason reciprocating saw blades wear out quickly, allowing the blade to last longer.