Walter Capto clamping system

Walter has enhanced its family of Xtra•tec Insert Drills with the addition of the Walter Capto clamping system and indexable inserts with Tiger•tec Silver cutting tool material.

Walter CaptoThe Xtra•tec Insert Drills range in diameter from 16 to 45 mm, with a depth of cut of 3xD, and feature optimized chip clearance for reliable chip evacuation. They can be used on a variety of materials ranging from steel and cast iron to stainless and difficult-to-cut materials, and can handle chain drilling, sloping, and convex surfaces.

Now, the addition of the Walter Capto clamping system provides higher transmission of force via the system’s polygonal interface, high process reliability due to the positive locking of the indexable inserts with TorxPlus screws, and faster tool changing. In addition, its hard-nickel plated surface provides protection against corrosion and wear, and its cylindrical collar promotes straightforward measurement of the tool diameter.

The high-performance Tiger•tec Silver cutting tool material also helps improve the performance of the new drill. The indexable inserts, available in three different geometries and four different grades, have four cutting edges, enabling high cutting parameters and helping to reduce the number of additional operations necessary. The ground indexable inserts are also fitted with a wiper edge, ensuring superior finish.