Posted July 29, 2016

Vermont Indexable Tooling LS Boring Bars

Vermont Indexable Tooling announced the release of its patent pending LS Boring Bar line.

VIT LS Boring BarsThese boring bars are equipped with a CNC shank and overall geometries that are designed to bore through a multitude of materials. Pair them with VIT’s standard ISO inserts and the result is a superior quality product at an outstanding price. Features include:

  • Reduced Set-up Time
  • Rigidity
  • No Tolerance Stack
  • No Bushings Required
  • Coolant Style Standard
  • Pipe Tapped
  • Modified Standards (3-5 Days)

LS Series Boring Bars are built using an integral, rigid, harmonics reducing design, equipped with a coolant style CNC shank, and geometries designed to bore through a multitude of materials.These bars do not require bushings and offer reduced set-up time as well as no tolerance stack. Additionally VIT accommodates custom orders, and a modified standard can be available within 3 to 5 days.