Posted November 28, 2018

Dormer Force M Drills

Dormer Pramet has extended its Solid Carbide "Force X" program with a specific range for stainless steel applications called Force M.

Dormer Force MThe Dormer Force M assortment of drills provide a high level of productivity specifically for drilling Stainless Steel (or ISO-M) materials while operating consistently across a diverse variety of machines and conditions. This makes them ideal for high production, general engineering and sub-contract environments.

The Force M "material specific" drilling family introduction follows the recent launch of the Force X drilling family which was designed for use in a wide range of materials.

All of the Solid carbide "Force" drills in the program feature a modified four-facet split point geometry, to enhance self-centering capabilities and improve hole-quality. Also, this split point design improves chip formation, tool strength and wear resistance specifically in these tough ISO-M materials.

A unique feature of all "Force" family drills is their Continuously Thinned Web (CTW) technology flute construction. This offers a very strong web design, while at the same time reducing thrust forces during drilling. Combined with the drills' consistent edge preparation, which provides predictable wear, CTW supports a highly consistent and reliable drilling process.

Each drill in the Force range is manufactured from premium micro-grain carbide along with a multi-layered Titanium Aluminum Nitride (TiAlN) tool coating to provide an excellent combination of hardness and toughness, resulting in high wear resistance, longer tool life and higher productivity.

A strong corner design increases stability and reduces the forces encountered during drilling and especially during breakthrough at the exit surface, in both general drilling and cross-hole applications.