Posted April 24, 2018

BAHCO Bandsaw Blade Catalog

The new BAHCO Bandsaw Blade Catalog features BAHCO’s diverse line of horizontal and vertical cutting solutions in addition to cost-reducing guidance for a variety of manual labor professionals and general-purpose bandsaw users.

BAHCO Bandsaw CatalogProduct profiles detail an array of BAHCO solutions designed and engineered to increase productivity and provide cost savings, while detailed guides and selection charts help users identify the right solution for a variety of materials including wood, steel, piping, rods and hard-to-cut alloys.

Blade types featured in the new catalog include the following:

  • Wavy Bandsaws
  • Pallet Dismantlers
  • Sandcut Bimetals (3861)
  • Sandflex (M42/P9000)
  • Easy Cut (3857)
  • Cobra (3851)
  • TOP Fabricator (3853)
  • Multi-chip and Triple Chip Unset Carbide Tipped
  • Carbide Triple Set (3868/3869) and Carbide Triple Set “Xtra” (3868)

In addition to accessory listings including chip brushes, measuring tools and safety equipment, BAHCO’s new Bandsaw Blade Catalog provides additional assistance to aid customers with the purchasing and ownership experience:

  • Tooth Pitch Selection Chart and Speed Selection Guide
  • Feed rate/chip insights
  • Chip load per tooth formula
  • Cutting pipes and profiles selection diagram
  • Technical Resources and Troubleshooting Guide