Posted March 30, 2022

Walter PVD drilling WNN15 grade

Walter has introduced the PVD drilling WNN15 grade for indexable insert drills.

Walter WNN15The extremely reliable, low-adhesion grade WNN15 is now included in the range for Walter indexable insert drills. This grade is primarily designed for drilling in tough ISO N materials such as wrought aluminum alloys or cast aluminum alloys. Primary areas of application are in aerospace, automotive and general machining when weight reduction is key.

The grade provides for reliable chip removal thanks to its extremely smooth surface with a reduced tendency towards adhesion and build-up on the cutting edge to increase process reliability and wear resistance.

The WNN15 grade delivers outstanding process reliability and long tool life, even at extremely high cutting speeds. This means that it makes indexable insert drilling more cost-effective than comparable PCD tools with immediate effect. The indexable insert drills offer the advantage of multiple indexing which means that the tool can be used again immediately and with comparably lower costs and less time required. Worn indexable inserts can be replaced quickly and easily.