Imperial Blades recip saw blade line

Imperial Blades has recently announced the release of a new reciprocating saw blade line.

MetalheadWith the announcement of the Metalhead and Twin Cut series, Imperial Blades now opens its doors up to new end users in order to broaden the scope of business.

Based on a patented tooth design for faster and more efficient cutting, the Metalhead line boasts destruction on varying degrees of substance.

“The new, Metalhead tooth design allows for faster, bi-directional cutting; but also provides versatility when cutting the toughest metal applications. This is a game changer,” said Dave Zielke, managing partner of Imperial Blades.

In addition, the Twin Cut line will bring a utility scenario as it has the capability to cut any material with better performance than any specialty blade.

“The most unique trait about the Twin Cut line is that it is comprised of a new, powder metallurgical high-performance steel. The XLS material provides a dense and longer lasting cutting edge than your typical bi-metal blade,” Zielke said.