Emuge tooling for threading titanium alloys

Emuge Corp. introduced a comprehensive line of high-performance tools for threading demanding alloyed Titanium materials.

Emuge toolingRanging from taps with unique new geometry designs to solid carbide thread mills, the new program provides solutions for the most demanding titanium challenges such as in Aerospace, Defense and Medical machining applications. A full line of tap sizes from no. 0 to 1" are available in UNC, UNF and from 3 x 0.5 to 24 x 3.0 in Metric, 222 tools in total.

The new Emuge Titanium Program features C-Ti and D-Ti taps with new High Relief Geometry (HRG) technology, which increases space between the friction surfaces for enhanced lubrication and reduced torque load in both forward and reverse direction. HRG counteracts the high compressive forces produced by the extreme elastic memory of Titanium. An optimized flute angle and profile create tough, long chips that evacuate axially in one direction. Taps are manufactured with premium HSS-E steel for exceptional heat and wear resistance, and a modified bottoming chamfer provides reduced torque and increased tool life.