Posted September 11, 2019

Spyder Products unveils new circular saw blades

Spyder Products is launching new circular saw blades that require minimal effort to cut through material.

Spyder circular saw bladesEquipped with nickel cobalt (NiCo) cutting teeth, alternating tooth bevel, and an anti-friction coat-ing, the Spyder blades are easier to use, safer, and provide up to six times the working life of conventional blades.

The 24 rugged and resilient NiCo teeth on the 7-1/4” blades are triple-sharpened to en-sure exceptionally clean cuts, making the new Spyder circular saw blades ideal for a variety of framing and construction applications. Unlike conventional blades, they in-clude an alternating tooth bevel that allows users to rip and crosscut with minimal ef-fort.

In addition to the specialized tooth design, polymer stabilization vents are engineered to reduce friction, noise, and vibrations, an innovation that any professional user will appreciate during a long day on the job. An interfused anti-friction coating protects the blade against heat, gumming, and corrosion - significantly reducing the effort required to move the blade through material and extending life on the job site.

Designed for use on circular saws with a maximum RPM of 10,000, Spyder’s circular saw blade includes a 5/8” arbor with diamond knock out that makes it compatible with a variety of arbor styles.