Posted January 26, 2022

Walter CBN grade insert

Walter has introduced the CBN grade WBH30 for hard turning in interrupted cuts.

Walter CBN grade insertThis new grade, with a reliable and high-performance substrate exhibits excellent toughness primarily because of its good distribution of mixed CBN grain sizes. In addition, the new grade offers chemical stability derived from a TiN binder that prevents crater and flank face wear. It also provides wear resistance in hardened steels due to the 65% CBN content, and higher feeds.

Additional improvement in surface quality and stability can be realized with advanced wiper geometry option. Walter offers the new WBH30 CBN grade in inserts with and without MW wiper geometry, and with a negative T-land chamfer for excellent strength in interrupted cuts.

WBH30 is the latest addition to the Walter family of CBN grades engineered to tackle the toughest machining challenges. These include grades WBH10C, WBH10, and WBH20 for turning of hardened steel up to 65 HRC. These grades provide users with benefits such as high-quality surface finish and long tool life. Walter has also created WBK20 and WBK30, CBN grades that bring higher levels of productivity and reliability to the machining of cast iron and certain specific applications in hardened steel, among other benefits.