Ideal Tri-Bore multi-purpose hole saw

Ideal Industries launched the new Tri-Bore multi-purpose hole saw featuring a set of three tungsten carbide teeth for ultra-aggressive cutting action.

Ideal Tri-BoreCompatible with standard battery-powered tools or fixed stationary machines, Tri-Bore hole saws are optimal cutting solutions in HVAC, electrical, plumbing and maintenance/repair applications. The saws empower professional contractors and serious Do-It-Yourselfer's to make faster cuts through virtually any construction material, whether its nail-encrusted wood, cement and plastic board, plaster, composite enclosures, or ceiling tiles for recessed lighting.

Tri-Bore's diamond-sharpened carbide teeth are larger than traditional hole saws for improved speed, cleaner cutting action, and minimized vibration. The larger size works to reduce stress by acting as an absorber that dispels vibration more readily as the saw moves through the cutting surface. Tri-Bore saws also tout deeper gullets to eliminate user fatigue resulting from prying out plugs. Additionally, each Tri-Bore saw is precision balanced to improve performance and maximize comfort. Rugged construction assures a longer life.