Sandflex 3851 Cobra Bi-Metal Bandsaw Blade

The new Sandflex 3851 Cobra Bi-Metal Bandsaw Blade from Bahco is engineered to provide smooth, precise cuts for general purpose and production cutting applications.

Bahco SandflexWhat makes the 3851 Cobra Bi-Metal Bandsaw Blade outperform competing blades is the new geometry with variable teeth pattern mathematically formulated to maximize cutting performance. This special combination tooth design and sharp edges allow for easy cutting, while being able to withstand extremely high temperatures.

Additionally, the 3851 Cobra Bi-Metal Bandsaw Blade is made of an optimized high speed steel that gives it a combination of higher hardness and higher toughness. Not only does this create Bahco’s strongest and most durable blade to date, but the fatigue-resistant backing material ensures a longer blade life.

The new blade also has a superior surface finish than previous models, generating less friction and vibration for improved performance

Benefits of the 3851 Cobra Bi-Metal Bandsaw Blade include:

  • Complete assortment range, ¼” to 3-1/8”
  • Offering solutions to both general purpose customers and production cutting applications
  • Improved edge chipping resistance without compromising hardness
  • Less vibrations, which means less heat and better wear resistance
  • Wider area of operation within each teeth per inch
  • Developed to cut the widest variety of the toughest materials

Applications of the 3851 Cobra Bi-Metal Bandsaw Blade include:

  • Production cutting, in which the strong tooth-in-combination, with new high speed steel, allows the maximization of the cutting performance
  • Cuts a greater range of work piece sizes and shapes than conventional blades
  • General purpose applications, solids, bundle, profiles and castings
  • Contour cutting, including aluminum and stainless steel