Posted March 22, 2017

Controx saw blades for Hydromat machines

Controx-Neuhauser presents precision saw blades designed specifically for use with Hydromat machines.

Controx saw bladesAvailable in 166 and 250 mm diameters, these Cobalt Steel (HSS-Co) saw blades feature an axial runout of = 0,1 mm/ 0.004” to assure a straight cut and minimize the breakage rate. To accommodate the wide range of material sizes and types processed, Controx-Neuhauser stocks untoothed saw blade blanks which are then customized for particular applications.

The number of teeth and the toothform ensure minimal burr issues and maximum service life. Fine, medium and coarse pitch toothing available includes Angular (A), Angular with alternating chamfers (Aw), Rounded (B), Rounded with alternating chamfers (Bw), or Triplechip toothing (C) styles. PVD and CVD coatings are available for enhanced performance and service life. Controx precision saw blades are ideal for diverse applications including, gold and silver jewelry, fastener production, resistors, electronics, thin or thick-walled pipes and profiles, extrusions, abrasive, high-tensile materials, and more.

In addition to saw blades for Hydromat machines, Controx-Neuhauser also stocks replacement blades for George Fischer, Rohbi, Bimax, Presstal Eisele, different Screw-, Swiss-type- and other machines.