Royal Products live centers

Royal Products has standardized five live center point styles. The new line will fit 90% of formally custom-only applications.

Live centersThe new standard live centers were developed for manufacturers that regularly use custom designed centers. Manufacturers can now avoid long lead-times for replacements, prevent unnecessary downtime and save money by eliminating the need for a custom order. Available standard centers include full diameter, reduced diameter, female 90° angle, small bull nose and male 90° angle.

Royal Products offers the exclusive Roto-Shield technology that can increase a live center’s life by up to 300%. Standard on Royal’s most popular live center models, Roto-Shield increases bearing life by deflecting coolant, protecting bearings, minimizing seal wear and maintaining grease consistency.

Each Royal live center incorporates the highest quality steels, bearings, and seals. Manufactured to exacting tolerances, all Royal live centers are guaranteed accurate to +/- 0.00005" TIR or better.