Emuge turbine end mills

Emuge Corporation introduced a new solid carbide turbine end mills program designed for milling turbine blades, impellers, blisks and other complex 5-Axis components.

Emuge Turbine End MillsEmuge Turbine End Mills feature a variety of styles including tapered ball nose, unique barrel-shape designs and optimum tool selections from the company's Top-Cut, Tinox-Cut, Multi-Cut and Indexable Insert Tooling programs.

“We are very pleased to offer our customers excellent solutions for milling turbines blades,” said Charles Colonair, milling product manager at Emuge Corp. "OEMs and job shops in industries such as automotive, aerospace and power generation will benefit from increased productivity using these tools."

The Emuge Turbine End Mill line includes Barrel-Shaped Oval Form End Mills, which provide manufacturers with an exceptionally efficient finishing tool for high-strength materials. The unique barrel-shaped oval form simulates the attributes of ball nose end mills having a diameter range of 150-190 mm, to provide double the axial cut vs. a standard ball nose end mill, for a superior surface finish. The Barrel-Shaped Oval Form End Mills are offered with 3 and 4 flutes with ALCR (aluminum-chromium) coating and have a form tolerance of +/- 0.01 mm (0.0004”), providing highly accurate low-vibration machining.

Torus End Mills for the semi-finishing and finishing of turbine blades feature 5 – 13 flutes with variable spacing to minimize vibrations while machining. Designs include corner radius (0.8 mm, 1 mm and 2 mm), straight and 8° taper angle versions. Internal coolant supply capability is provided. Tapered Ball Nose End Mills are offered with a 4° taper angle and feature a design with 3 flutes in the ball nose section and 6 flutes radially, a design which provides tool stability and improved surface finish of turbine blades. Torus and Tapered Ball Nose End Mills are especially well suited for milling in high-strength materials such as nickel-based alloys and titanium alloys. Both styles of end mills feature advanced multilayered TiALN coating for high heat resistance.

Emuge also offers Tapered Ball Nose End Mills in the new program that excel in the roughing, semi-finishing and finishing of impellers. These Tapered Ball Nose end mills have a 3 flute design with a 4° taper angle and also feature a design with 3 flutes in the ball nose section and 6 flutes radially. ALCR coating allows for these tools to achieve higher feed speeds, metal removal rate and extremely high performance especially in difficult- to- cut materials.