Posted July 17, 2019

Guardair Chip Collector Lid

Guardair Corporation has developed the Chip Collector Lid to capture metal chips and airborne oils generated when cleaning newly machined parts with compressed air.

Guardair Chip CollectorWhen blowing off machined parts, dangerous metal chips and oils can disperse and settle on shop floors, requiring post-operation clean-up. By capturing these materials, the Chip Collector Lid reduces clean-up costs, promotes shop cleanliness, and improves worker safety.

Made from lightweight, chemical-resistant polyethylene, the Chip Collector Lid mounts on any 55-gallon drum, or 44- and 55-gallon trash barrel. Captured chips and oils are then stored for proper disposal.

Ideal for use in machine shops, woodworking, metalworking and fabrication facilities, the Chip Collector Lid features a wide opening and adjustable, clear-view safety shield for inspection of parts while cleaning. With dual, removable parts bins and a top storage tray, the Chip Collector Lid also features dual, hanging hooks for convenient storage of safety air guns or other tools.

OSHA Standard 1910.242(b) states that compressed air used for cleaning must include “effective chip guarding” to minimize the risk of injury to workers. “Eye injuries from flying debris are common occurrences when precautions are not taken,” said Tom Tremblay, President of Guardair. “The Chip Collector Lid reduces that risk and provides a cleaner, safer shop environment.”

Key Takeaways

• Captures metal chips and airborne oils when cleaning parts with compressed air
• Compatible with any 55-gallon drum or 44- and 55-gallon trash barrel
• Improves shop cleanliness and safety