Dayton Progress engineered clearance brochure

A new Engineered Clearance brochure from Dayton Progress details how the proper punch-to-die clearance can significantly impact perforated hole characteristics.

Dayton Engineered Clearance brochureOptimizing the punch-to-die clearance, which can significantly affect the quality of the resulting hole characteristics, is detailed in a new 6-page, full-color brochure available from Dayton Progress Corporation.

Available in print or online, Engineered Clearance discusses how the 5% per side clearance is insufficient for today’s high-strength steels, and walks readers through how to select the proper clearance based on material, thickness, tensile strength, and the requirements of the specific job.

In addition to smaller burr, clean burnish and break patterns on the perforation, matching the clearance to the material can also extend the service life of the punch. This literature is ideal for those involved with all types of punching or perforating including high-speed, high-volume punching.