Posted March 7, 2017

Controx solid carbide tooling for machining PCBs

Controx-Neuhauser introduced monolithic circular cutting tools in solid carbide and high speed steel for the depaneling process of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs).

Control cutting toolsPCBs are often produced in “panel” or “multiblock” designs which group multiple smaller PCB´s together to maximize production. Cutting these into individual components, or “depaneling” with small router bits is slow and dusty. Controx-Neuhauser offers special saw blade designs for straight line depanelling of glassfiber- and ceramic based PCB´s like FR2, FR4, CEM1, CEM3 as well as aluminum- and copper circuit boards which offer high feedrates with minimal dust. For larger PCB´s a set of special V-Scoring Cutters with either 25° or 30° prism angle are used to create a breaking point. In addition to these V-Scoring Cutters Controx-Neuhauser also produces the appropriate circular knives to depanel these afterwards.

Special tooling customized to the specific machining tasks at hand are available, including insulation groove cutters, collector cutters, commutator cutters, balancing cutters, scoring saws, circular knives, crush cut knives, profile-, form-, and contour milling cutters, circular saw blades and blanks for CBN and diamond cutting wheels. In addition to PCBs, Controx tooling is ideal for balancing armatures for electric motors, the production of electrical connectors, and more.