Walter parting blade adaptor

Walter has introduced new parting blade adaptors for BMT/DO machines that ensure precision cooling of both the insert and the parting blade, thus improving chip control and tool life, and helping to increase productivity.

Walter parting blade adaptorWith the Walter design, the coolant flows through the adaptor directly into and through the parting blade to the cutting zone. An O-ring seal ensures that the coolant transfers efficiently and with no loss of pressure. In addition, for particular applications the adaptors can also be used with external cooling, either alone or in conjunction with internal cooling. This is done simply by adjusting the coolant nozzle.

Installing the new parting blade adaptors requires only a single bracket, whether the adaptors are installed in the standard position or overhead. As an additional benefit, the adaptor has adjustable center height for each individual workpiece within a range of ±0.020 in. (±0.5 mm). This allows an exact center position to be set on any workpiece, without additional tasks.

The precision coolant supply ensures excellent chip control and minimized tool wear. Machine productivity is increased by minimizing downtime to clear large chip volumes. The robust holder is designed to allow machining in any position required, minimizing vibration during operation.

Walter's new BMT/DO parting blade adaptors work with a coolant pressure of 145 to 1160 psi. This means that they can be used on virtually any machines that feature a BMT interface.