Posted June 12, 2018

Heule COFA deburring tool

Heule Tool's COFA deburring tool is specifically designed to provide both front and back deburring on even and uneven surfaces.

COFA deburring toolCOFA is a favorite of machinists across all industries for speeding up production and reducing costs on jobs that previously required manual deburring of hard-to-reach cross bores.

As part of HEULE’s X-Bores line of specialized cross bore deburring solutions, COFA is a standard tool that easily solves production problems for most manufacturers who are looking to automate their cross bore deburring processes. Because it is suitable for all ranges of machine materials and surfaces (including sloped bores), COFA is a successful solution for many applications, including forks, yokes, common rails, castings, tubes with cross bores, and other work pieces with cross bores in main bores.