Posted February 1, 2017

Alfa Tools high performance taps

Alfa Tools introduced three new series of High Performance Taps suitable for CNC and machine-driven threading applications.

Alfa Tools tapsThese U.S. made Taps join Alfa’s extensive threading product offering. They work in a variety of applications including stainless steel, softer metals, titanium and nickel alloys.

The new series include Spiral Pointed Taps and Spiral Fluted Taps for multipurpose, low tensile, or high tensile applications. Users can choose the tap with a specific thread relief that is best suited to the material hardness of their application.

All of the new Taps feature a steam oxide finish providing high wear resistance.

“Exotic, hard-to-machine metals are being used more and more in aerospace and automotive production,” said Ross Shepard, sales manager, Alfa Tools. “The addition of these high-performance taps to our product line allows our distributors to provide taps that are application specific to their end-user customer base.”

The Multi-purpose High Performance Taps are designed for threading not only in stainless steel, but also include a wide range of materials hardened up to HRC-40.

The High Performance Taps for low tensile materials are best suited for mild steel
applications and materials hardened up to HRC-32. 

The High Performance Taps for high tensile materials are best suited for titanium
and nickel alloys and other materials hardened up to HRC-44. Tap sizes range from 4-40 to 1”. or click this link to view the Alfa Tools catalog online.