Posted June 1, 2020

Monaghan Tooling burnishing tools

Monaghan Tooling Group presents the full line-up of Elliott Tool Technology burnishing tools, which produce a 4 to 8 Ra surface finish in one pass, thus eliminating secondary machining operations and their requisite set-up time and costs.

Burnishing toolsWith tooling to burnish ID, OD, ID/OD and flat surfaces, Monaghan has the capability to handle virtually any burnishing project. By improving surface irregularities and tool marks, these easy-to-use tools also eliminate secondary machining operations such as grinding, honing and polishing, thus cutting project costs and lead times. Fast cycle times mean that burnishing projects are measured in seconds, not minutes. Speed is coupled with accuracy, as ID burnishing tools produce accurate sizing in ‘.0001” increments. Roller burnishing results in a 25% size improvement in steel and up to a 50% size improvement in high ductility materials. Burnishing increases the surface hardness through the cold working process and compressive forces. It increases metal’s resistance to fatigue and failure at stress points. These benefits make burnishing ideal for sealing or bearing surfaces, various seats, areas that require pre-stressing, tight diameter tolerances or just areas that require good surface finishes.

Monaghan Tooling Group and Elliot Tool Technology improve upon the 100-year tradition of burnishing success with new innovations and custom tooling to suit specific project parameters. In addition to custom tooling, the company offers standard tooling for ID multi-roller burnishing, OD carbide roll burnishing, ID/OD carbide roll burnishing, and diamond burnishing. All tooling styles are easy to operate and require limited training. They are easy to maintain and repair, and common repair parts are available from a fully stocked inventory.