Disston offers two new hole saws

Disston Company, a global manufacturer of hand and power tool related accessories, announced plans to release two new and improved hole saws.

Blu-Mol Disston

The Blu-Mol M42 Cobalt Bi-Metal Steel Hole Saw was revamped to become stronger but also more efficient. The new industrial grade M42 cobalt steel has increased durability and has up to a 24% longer lasting life. A new thin kerf design brings the thickness of the hole saw down to just .044 thickness, to allow users to make their cuts faster and with greater precision.

The Disston M42 Cobalt Bi-Metal Steel Hole Saw increased its steel strength from M3 standard steel to the M42 Cobalt steel. The Disston M42 also improved the eye opening, cut-outs and ground teeth. The new Cats Eye Opening has made plug removal much easier and has created a greater line of sight vision while cutting. The large Diamond Cut-Out helps dissipate the heat and gives this hole saw longer lasting life. Lastly the Fleem Ground Teeth clears chips away much faster making for quicker cuts. The teeth also stay sharper for a longer period of time permitting more usage.