Champion Cutting Tool sheet metal cutters

Champion Cutting Tool Corp. has introduced high-speed steel sheet metal cutters in response to an increased need in the marketplace and customer demand.

Champion sheet metal cuttersUsed widely in electrical/conduit work, sheet metal fabrication, aftermarket automotive and equipment installers, paintless dent repair, HVAC, plumbing, customer building and more.

These sheet metal cutters are designed to produce fast, clean and accurate holes. Ideally suited for sheet metal, plate materials and plastics up to ½” thick. Available individually or fully assembled with arbors, cutters are sold in individual hang-up packages as well as 2 sets. “This high quality product provides a solution for drilling holes as small as ¼” diameter, and complements our range of CT3, CT5, and CT7 carbide tipped hole cutters”, says Lowell Frey, president of Champion Cutting Tool Corp.