Posted October 2, 2019

Coxreels idler sprockets for 1195 Series reels

Coxreels introduced the all new gear reducing idler sprockets for the 1195 Series electric motorized hose reels.

1195 SeriesThis new add-on benefits the user in reducing the rewind speed, increasing motor torque, and fitting an optional 3-way pin lock.

These high quality, all steel, idler sprockets are chain sprocket assemblies with a corrosion protective coating that change the drive ratio of the motor-to-drum drive system. They are available in three ratios (1:2, 1:3, and 1:4) and each ratio will effectively slow down the rewind speed of the drum by a multiple of the ratio factor and will increase the effective motor torque by the same factor, providing the necessary safety and control during rewind of large, 2” diameter hose.

Coxreels idler sprockets are mounted on zinc plated steel axle and rotate on two self-lubricated bronze bearings.

The electric rewind versions of the 1195 will now come standard with 1:3 gear reduction and the model number has changed accordingly. Non-reduced models will be available if requested for use with electronic speed reducers.