Coxreels Biodiesel Reels

Coxreels offers offers reels designed for handling biodiesels.

T-Series CoxreelBiodiesel is one of the most common alternative fuels in use today. Chemically named methyl esters, biodiesel is produced from various sources such as agricultural oils (soy, corn, canola, etc.), recycled cooking oil, and animal fats. Due to the reactive nature of biodiesel, consideration of seals and materials is needed when choosing a hose reel and plumbing.

If the biodiesel concentration is B5 or less, the biodiesel will have such small affect that it will behave exactly as standard diesel where no special considerations are needed. For biodiesel concentrations of B5 or less, Coxreels recommends the use of our standard fueling reels (SHF or TSHF). For concentrations above B5, stainless steel plumbing should be used with Viton seals and non-sparking pawls. For these circumstances, the following Coxreels products are recommended: SHF-N-525-BBN, TSHF-N-XXX-BBN, or TSHL-N-635-BBN. In concentrations above B20, Viton seals must be used along with a special hose. The Coxreels product most suitable for this application is the TSHF-N-620-BBN with the Flexwing VersaFuel Hose.